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American University School of International Service

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juin 2012 13:31:48


The School of International Service, at American University, was founded in 1957. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, presiding over the groundbreaking, charged the school with a distinct mission: "to wage peace." Since then, SIS has continued its commitment to the field of international relations and advancing human dignity around the world.

That tradition continues today, as SIS offers eight professionally-oriented master's degree programs including: Comparative and Regional Studies (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Central Eurasia),Global Environmental Policy, International Communication, International Development, International Economic Relations, International Politics, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and United States Foreign Policy. For mid-career professionals, there is a 30 credit executive degree program, the Master of International Service. Within each program, students have significant flexibility in their curriculum. As an important component of the educational experience, students are highly encouraged to seek internships. For those interested in careers as college and university faculty members, the School maintains a prestigious full-time doctoral program in International Relations.

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